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Wake up America and meet Ink Kracken, a huge demonic squid called by Satan to destroy a group of believers.

This is a biblical thriller.
This supernatural suspense is about a body of Christians who encounter a demon in the form of Kracken, a giant squid whose ten tentacles represent evil spirits of gossip, lust, greed, etc. They cause havoc in the body of Christ, causing many people to stumble. As in life, things don't turn out the way people think they will.

Based on a recently found creature in the deep Atlantic Ocean, it was noted that he has ten tentacles as opposed to the normal eight of most octopus and squids that we know of. There is a bible study to go with this novel. It can be either a group study book or an individual study and is based on each electrifying tentacle.

Paulette L. Harris

Ink Kracken