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A beautiful young  French/Indian girl who is raised by her grandparents high in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho tells them that she wants to follow in their footsteps and become a lady outfitter so she can work with them. She's serious as she works hard to learn the business and everything that it entails. 

With a supernatural and romantic twist, this speculative, supernatural novel shows how angels can intercede for and encourage people.

This is an inspirational story, with a touch of romance and intrigue. It's about Char and a otherwordly grizzly that she saves as a cub. In turn, the bear, Annie protects  her along with angels in a rough and tumble life of challenges. When the local ranchers lose too many cattle, it's time to do some serious tracking of the great legend, Grandmere', Annie's mother. In the process, Char's grandfather, a French trapper and rancher is killed. Char carries on the Outfitting Business with her Indian grandmother. 

Paulette L. Harris

Lady Outfitter