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Paulette Harris motivates writers! 

For more about the power of speaking, the joy of writing and the art of living in God’s light,

invite Paulette Harris to speak at your event.

 Oaulette will encourage you to burst free of writing constraints and let the words flow. She brings God’s voice of encouragement and love into the room and shares the basic principles of God’s gifts. Paulette will show you
how to share those gifts through your writing skills.

Excuse breakers — Blow writer’s block off the paper!

Paulette Harris shares the secret of breaking free of writers block, breaking away from procrastination and excuses and getting your book written!. Writing is more than filling up an empty page with words. Paulette shows you how to bring your inspiration to life and create a resonating power of communication with your reader.

Find your voice — Burst into the light with your own brilliant voice!

A writers voice comes from the heart. No amount of education can drive the voice of a writer, without inspiration from the heart, the voice is silent. Paulette Harris shines a light of brilliance on the heart to wake up the spirit of words and make them burst from the pages. Her motivational and inspiring talks bring your voice to life!

If I can…You can!

Don’t give up in what you are called to do. Despite setback after setback, I haveI succeeded in what I believe is my purpose on earth. I never quit even while facing  opposition from all sides. God held my hand, always guiding me as I obeyed the calling on my life. See the brilliant results of bringing your skills to others through vision... A visionary sees the picture and lets God bring it to fruition. Paulette Harris will bring you to the power of creating a vision, helping you benefit from your vision and encouraging you to build on your own picture of success.

The Writer as Artisan

I once believed that I was not an artist, included in the company of the creative. But I learned that I reflect the artistry and creativity of God..As a result my life was turned upside down. I was raised in a big family of artists, musicians, and painters. While everyone advanced in their creativity, I lingered because I did not see myself as a creative artist. So if you’ve ever felt that you are missing something, this is for you, a gift of encouragement from me.


 Persistence pays off! Persevere through challenges and obstacles and learn how to enjoy the road to success, with multiple iterations in the process. God, is inherently creative and he began with creativity. We as artists reflect God's glorious creativity. This is the key of true artistic success.