Julie Nelson is newly graduated from a new teaching college at Greeley,Colorado. She earns a coveted sewing needle, a fiance', and a teaching position in a Domestic Science Program. Her adversary, a locomotive takes away everything she loves and she must learn to find a way to keep her sanity and wait for WWI to be over. Caught between painful unknown memories and two men that she loves,  she must find a way to heal and seek the truth. She wants joy back in her life that only God can
bring. Her precious needle is lost, her fiance' is lost, she is lost and her pastor suggests she work on a Christmas tapestry of a sewing needle to help her concentrate. This is a supernatural story during the turn of the century, somewhat like the popular Downton Abby but takes places in the United States at the same time in history. It's a historical supernatural story of hope and joy.

Paulette L. Harris

The Christmas Needle

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